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Symantec not updating

symantec not updating-36

This can be done by locating the log.liveupdate file on the computer.The file should be in one of these locations: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Live Update C:\Program Data\Symantec\Live Update At the beginning of each Live Update cycle, the Live Update version will be shown. Please proceed to Step 4, if the correct version is shown.

Disable content caching and AV scan in the proxy for those connection to avoid corruption of the definition files.Please download the latest certified definitions from Symantec website at: gid=sep Download the definitions for Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1 (format).Now - live update will not download updates at all. I tried to figure out why by searching, but didn't find anything. Can you please try uninstall and reinstalling Norton product by running the NRn R tool from the link : and let us know the status? For me the NRn R tool complained that it could not detect.Chat queue was way too long for me to resolve last night. So I had launched the installer, which detected and did the uninstall... Then launched the same installer again, it installed fine and Live Update worked. Hi all, second time around and its a fail for Norton Security (With BU).The issue causing the update issue may be resolved by the improved processing and enhanced features available in a software version later than what is running.

Most common reasons for update failure: What you need: 1) Latest Certified Definitions from Symantec.

There is nothing in the event logs that tells me if there are any issues with the product. They are running version 11 the reason Live Update us greyed out, is because the Client AV Protection was installed as a "Managed Client" on the PC or Workstation instead of an Unmanaged Client.

Therefore the live updates are centrally downloaded by the End Point Protection Manager and pushed out to the clients.

File may be saved as .zip, please rename the file to when the download is complete.

2) Live Update Installer shipped with the release of Endpoint Protection in use.

I click on activate now, but the window opens - the icon swirls, and then the window closes? @DW7190, May i know what Norton product is currently installed on your computer?