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Risks of sedating your cat

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The aims of this study were to address these deficiencies.A nested case–control study was undertaken in 117 UK veterinary centres.

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Some of the insights and reassurances you should be looking for are also included.All anaesthetic and sedation procedures and anaesthetic and sedation-related deaths (i.e. Details of patient, procedure, and perioperative management were recorded for all cases and randomly selected non-deaths (controls).A detailed statistical model of factors associated with anaesthetic and sedation-related death was constructed.Download PDF or Download Word Document Q: Are there specific conditions or other aspects of my pet’s health that increase their risk for anesthetic complications?And, if so, what precautions are you taking to minimize those risks and to deal with those complications should they occur?Greater care with endotracheal intubation and fluid administration are recommended, and pulse and pulse oximetry monitoring should be routinely implemented in cats.

The last UK study of veterinary anaesthetic small animal complications was undertaken in the 1980s and documented the risk of anaesthetic-related death in cats to be approximately 0.29%.

Between June 2002 and June 2004, 175 deaths were classified as anaesthetic and sedation-related and 14 additional deaths (with insufficient information to be excluded) were included for the estimation of risk.

During the study, 79 178 anaesthetic and sedation procedures were recorded and the overall risk of anaesthetic and sedation-related death was 0.24% (95% CI 0.20–0.27).

One of the reasons we still see deaths related to anesthetic procedures is because not all practices are actively taking all of the steps necessary to reduce anesthetic risk.

This article will help you understand the process of anesthesia, and empower you to ask the important questions you can, and should, ask of your pet’s medical team to help minimize your pet’s anesthetic risk.

Anesthesia is like any medical procedure - there are benefits and risks, and death can occur under anesthesia.