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Pastor looking for pastor dating

Let us not forget Jesus’ Great Commission was not just for pastors and missionaries, but for all who would come after Him.

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That said, some of us seem to think connection just sort of happens when you find the right church. But a quick read through the New Testament reveals something quite different.So rather than telling your pastor that connection isn’t happening as quickly or as effortlessly as you’d hoped, ask whom you might invite into your home to initiate connection with. “I’m not being fed” is often a spiritualized way of saying, “Your preaching isn’t doing it for me anymore.” Now, it may be true that you’re not connecting with a pastor’s teaching or the vision a church is offering. Not every church is going to be a perfect fit for your spiritual needs.However, the statement “I’m not being fed” represents a passive attitude that makes discipleship difficult.And while your pastor certainly has a role in this, so do you.So if you’re not feeling “fed,” I’d encourage you to ask whether it may be time to pick up the spoon.I wonder, what criteria do we use when making that shopping list?

Make, style, brand recognition, getting the most bang for your buck?

Not only is this critical for the health of your pastor, it’s important for the health of your church.

When pastors try to do all of the ministry themselves, or chase every good idea brought their way, everyone loses. Respond to the Holy Spirit’s nudge and put those gifts God’s given you to work.

I’ve had the privilege of working with pastors from all kinds of tribes and ministry contexts.

Though no two pastors are the same, we do share a lot of the same hopes for our churches. And while I obviously can’t speak for all pastors, I’ve spoken with enough to know I’m not alone in hoping I never hear these phrases again.

In such cases, the best thing to do is probably to not only not say these things, but just go ahead and find a new, healthy church.