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Katie white and jules de martino dating

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” The song is exactly that — being in that club at 4 in the morning and re-evaluating your life, and why you’ve ended up there. A big, conscious decision that we made on this album was to slow down the BPM. But we thought, “ has kind of a Nile Rodgers/Chic/Duran/Power Station thing going on. But I don’t think every dance-oriented record that comes out has to be like that.

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It was that perfect moment in time — it’s kind of like disco, but it’s punk, and it’s new wave; it’s all those things mixed together.Taylor became their co-producer and helped the pair sift through their demos to find the right nine cuts for the dance-driven was recording it all analog — a first for the band.White, 32, called Digital Trends from across the Pond to discuss that all-important no-digital decision, BPM club dreams of years past, and her Stevie Nicks obsession.Since there’s so much detail to discover in your mixes, what do you think the best format is for hearing your music — high-resolution files, or on vinyl? You don’t realize why you love something or why it makes you feel warm, but we didn’t know what we were in the making of the first and second album.It was always like, we put so much in and they were so worthy, and in a way that gave them their style as well.Ibiza is famous for its clubs, EDM, and techno scenes. Anytime I’d go out, I’d come back to the studio, flop down on the sofa, and go, “Awww, you can’t even dance to it!

I mean, it’s good, but you’ve got to take, like a ton of drugs! This record wouldn’t fit in with the BPMs being played. It’s been flying high for a few years, and it’s great, and there is a place for it.

The duo have said that the songs have more of a “serious” edge than previous material, reports Yahoo.

De Martino commented: “It was hard for us to judge this LP because we’re always wrong, we say we have made a more serious record and then people will think it’s really uplifting.” that they were keen to shun their native Manchester when choosing a location for the sessions.

They call you creative resurgence, Katie — that put onto tape, oh my God.

Normally we make the records ourselves — in our living room with just a little Pro Tools setup, and that’s it.

And I think we both already knew we’d like to find somebody else we’d feel comfortable with. [laughs] He walked in the studio, and he still has the hair and the glasses.