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Geena davis dating

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But finding a sport she was passionate about began to heal old wounds."Sports are 90 percent mental," she explains, "and I came to realize that there was this inner dialogue I was constantly having, where I'd be thinking, Oh, that was a horrible shot, and people must be laughing at you and you should be so embarrassed.

"I finally managed to change myself, and that changed what seemed attractive to me.But in real life, Davis has been on a long, arduous journey of self-discovery.After starting out as a model in her early 20s, she seemed to segue effortlessly into acting, going from playing a bit part in Tootsie to costarring in Beetlejuice to winning an Academy Award for her role in The Accidental Tourist at age 32.Reza is so different from the kind of men I used to be with.I think if I met someone now who was like the guys I was drawn to in the past, I would just start to laugh." Still, Davis admits that the considerable age difference was initially a stumbling block.I realized that if I was telling myself that during archery, I was probably doing it all the time in the rest of my life.

Becoming confident in my physical abilities, acknowledging that I had a right to take up space and be happy with my performance, was the final piece of the puzzle.

"It just happened two decades after I thought it would," Davis says with a shrug.

Many people still think of her as the tough-girl heroine Thelma, whom she made famous in 1991's Thelma & Louise.

The rapper — who was apparently dating Lana Del Rey without attracting public attention before separating — is now reportedly dating Halsey after the pair were all over each other for New York Fashion Week!

She was detained at a gown fitting, and now the rest of her jam-packed day is off-kilter.

A string of box office disappointments like Cutthroat Island didn't help; neither did getting older in an age-obsessed industry.