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Blake lively dating

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It's always nice to see A-list couples being totally relatable and hilarious, just like the ever-awesome duo of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

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The dessert certainly looks beautiful, but if it is held together by some glue like he says, Lively's probably gonna take a pass on it.When they're not trading some birthday jokes, they're fooling around with some help from one of their famous roles.In one of their most hilarious moments on Instagram, the pair even involved Reynolds' (Producer: Lauren Shuler Donner) turn in their shenanigans. The gorgeous couple aren't always super-jokey with each other on social media. The actor was featured prominently during the Super Bowl this past Sunday (in a Hyundai commercial); he is also featured prominently on wife Blake Lively’s Instagram this week; he’s singing “Ironic” (by ex-fiancée Alanis Morissette) on morning shows; he’s talking about daughter James a whole lot.The two would, of course, eventually got married in September 2012.A few months later, Lively returned the favor by wishing her husband a happy birthday on Twitter. In November 2017, Reynolds poked fun at his wife for looking unattractive.

The actress wrote, “Happy birthday, baby,” alongside a photo of Ryan Gosling and half of her husband’s face cropped out. That month, the actress was spotted make-up free on the streets of Dublin, Ireland, while filming hits theaters on May 18.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively joked around on Instagram recently and results were truly hysterical, as Buzzfeed noted.

The whole exchange was prompted by Reynolds posting a seriously hot and funny gym photo on Instagram. Reynolds replied with, "Because it's the E-harmony app."Lively then hit him with the comeback to end all comebacks when she said, "can you show me how to download that?

“We were buddies for a long time, which I think is the best way to have a relationship, to start as friends,” Reynolds said.

Who these other two individuals on the double date, and why hasn’t one of them written some sort of personal essay: “I Was There When Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Fell in Love, and It Kind of Did a Number on My Self-Esteem and I Wince Whenever I See Paparazzi Photos of Them, but Ultimately, It’s Cool, I’m Happy for Them, and I’m Glad I Was Sort of Able to Play a Part in It? Also, we know this is pure conjecture, but Lively was dating Leonardo Di Caprio before she started dating Reynolds, which means, yes, maybe—could it be?

Sometimes they've gotten pretty serious about what makes their relationship work. She meets hate with empathy." He also noted that it was Lively that helped him get through the passing of his father, with whom he had a strained relationship with.