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Any advice for dating an architect

any advice for dating an architect-16

going to watch a movie tomorrow with some raw foods people i haven't yet met."The Future of Food" stephanie want to meet 1/2 way at lake Tahoe for the green build AIA regional convention?

At least with online things I can tell before we meet. Sometimes it seems like a wonderfully convenient way to meet someone (self employed, working 15 hrs a day doesn't exactly allow for many 'real' opportunities), other days it seems like a massive waste of time (the fact that there are a billion profiles and no way to know who can actually respond is robbery - if they don't fix that soon, I'll be gone).again she tells me she is an accountant at a nite club!!!later on towards the end of the date when we were making our way back to her house..were talking about myspace somehow and she says "so have you seen my page" -me- "nope.............OK i lie i did." Y'all should of seen the look on her face...(seen a ghost...white sheets) me- "So what do you really do for a living? All in all - dancers are people too and she seems really down to earth and she realizes that her being a dancer means i might not be able to take her home to mom..maybe one day!So - I guess its all about luck..I obviously had it that day on the net!And the next day i open up my email and theres a message for this amzing looking girl ...w/out pictures of her genitalia!

(w/out a job description as well) I responded back..back to me and we had a normal convo.(this is where she told me she is an accountant at a nite club) then she got frustrated w/ the b/s emails and dropped her digits.talked a few times on the phone and we set up a date to meet up somewhere.

This whole "vegetarian" thing has me thinking - which Star Wars characters would be vegetarians?

Padme Amidala - definitely a vegetarian Jar Jar - probably a vegetarian C3P0 - vegan R2D2 - probably not Luke - tried being a vegetarian but gave it up Han Solo - not a vegetarian Yoda - vegetarian Old Darth Vader - kittens for breakfast New Darth Vader - organic kittens with arugula salad pine nuts Jabba - not a vegetarian Boba Fett - vegetarian.

-I since i had her email and I know almost everyone has a myspace account, and I was kinda skeptical of her profession...i decided to find her on myspace..easily mind you!

And still there she seemed to be very vague about what she did for a living..then i looked at her blog..a dancer!!! -We met up - walked around the most romantic city in the US of A and had wonderful meaningful convos.

If I saved all the money I wasted trying to meet someone online (and through dating services...(that damn Great Expectations..a scam that was), I'd be rich!!! I refuse to use any online dating site that reqires a subscription fee.