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But if that’s not possible, we’ll tow you to a nearby garage • And because our vans are fitted with specialist towing equipment, fewer Members need to wait for a recovery truck And, if you add any of our optional extras to your cover, we’ll also help you carry on your journey, take you, your passengers and vehicle to any UK destination, or come to your doorstep if you have trouble starting the car at home.Extra perks with your membership Membership gives you extra perks, including: * 20% off all day, every day at over 1,300 restaurants, pubs and Moto service stations * Save up to 15% on car hire * Enjoy added incentives the longer you're with us * Get discounts on our other services Use our app Our nifty app makes it even quicker and easier to call us out.

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If you’re in a vulnerable situation, we’ll do our best to reach you sooner • We’ll always try to fix your car at the roadside.Use it to report your breakdown, pinpoint your location, and track our arrival.And you can use it to find cheaper fuel, search traffic info, and set MOT and tax reminders too.AA Roadside Assistance offers help for breakdowns which occur more than a quarter of a mile from your home, 24/7, and if your car cannot be repaired at the roadside, they will take you and your vehicle to a nearby garage.This basic cover can be enhanced to suit you through options such as National Recovery, At Home and Onward Travel.While each member of AA is free to make his or her own interpretations of AA tradition, no individual is ever recognised as a spokesperson for the Fellowship locally, nationally, or internationally. AA is indebted to all media for their assistance in strengthening the Tradition of anonymity over the years. Comes of Age, a New York member, Jack, brought to everyone's attention a caption in a routine New York Herald Tribune obituary that read: "God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference." Everyone in A. Ruth Hock, the Fellowship's first (and nonalcoholic) secretary, contacted Henry S., a Washington D. member, and a professional printer, asking him what it would cost to order a bulk printing. and through them, the West Germans after the Second World War." Moreover, Beth continued, after the war, a north German University professor, Dr. There are still other claims, and no doubt more unearthings will continue for years to come. Reinhold Niebuhr told an interviewer that her husband was definitely the prayer's author, that she had seen the piece of paper on which he had written it, and that her husband-now that there were numerous variations of wording -"used and preferred" the following form: "God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, Courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other." While all of these searchings are intriguing, challenging, even mysterious, they pale in significance when compared to the fact that, for fifty years, the prayer has become so deeply imbedded into the heart and soul of A. thinking, living, as well as its philosophy, that one could almost believe that the prayer originated in the A. A., the Serenity Prayer has been a most valuable building block-indeed a corner-stone." And speaking of cornerstones, and mysteries and "coincidences"-the building where G. A chairperson describes the AA program briefly for the benefit of any newcomers to AA in the audience and introduces one, two or three speakers who relate their personal drinking histories and may give their personal interpretation of AA.

From time to time, the General Service Office of AA contacts major media, describing the Tradition and asking for cooperation in its observance. A.'s burgeoning office on Manhattan's Vesey Street was struck by the power and wisdom contained in the prayer's thoughts. Henry's enthusiastic response was to print 500 copies of the prayer, with the remark: "Incidentally, I am only a heel when I'm drunk .. so naturally, there could be no charge for anything of this nature." "With amazing speed," writes Bill, "the Serenity Prayer came into general use and took its place alongside our two other favorites, the Lord's Prayer and the Prayer of St. Thus did the "accidental" noticing of an unattributed prayer, printed alongside a simple obituary of an unknown individual, open the way toward the prayer's daily use by thousands upon thousands of A. But despite years of research by numerous individuals, the exact origin of the prayer is shrouded in overlays of history, even mystery. Theodor Wilhelm, who had started a revival of spiritual life in West Germany, had acquired the "little prayer" from Canadian soldiers. Wilhelm had apparently selected the pseudonym Oetinger out of admiration of his south German forebears. Midway through the meeting there is usually a period for local AA announcements, and a treasurer passes the hat to defray costs of the meeting hall, literature, and incidental expenses.

If you are unsure which cover option to go for, answer a few simple questions and they will point you in the right direction.

Here you will find over 30,000 articles published by Grapevine magazine from the 1940s to the present day.

Having in excess of 1,000 more dedicated vehicles than any other UK breakdown service provider, you know you will be in safe hands when you buy cover from the AA.

The motoring organisation offers unlimited call-outs, as well as free fuel top-ups, recovery from mud and snow and up to £5 worth of free parts when it comes to roadside repairs.

If you feel you would not make use of all of these benefits, their Basic breakdown product will cover a single vehicle for one call-out a year.